Ode to My Organizer

Unfocused, overwhelmed, I just couldn't get going
I needed some help, but was embarrassed at showing
The mess that developed while my children were growing
Some assistance was needed to get the task flowing,

Karen arrived with understanding and skill
With her gentle, kind guidance she just fit the bill
We assessed all my projects, defined goals to fulfill
And launched on my piles -- a productive, fruitful drill

My perfectionist bent previously prevented success
I'd have good intentions, but then I'd digress
Karen kept me on focus, making sure we'd progress,
And I learned I could do this, without so much stress!

Never judgmental and always encouraging
Karen's nature's upbeat, not ever discouraging
With sophisticated humor, and suggestions emerging
We plunged into simplifying, sorting and purging.


Donate, recycle, repurpose, or file,
Each item assigned to the appropriate pile
When a system we tried didn't quite fit my style
We'd revisit, rethink, and begin a new trial

Success in my "office," bills under control,
Paper flow systems, on a functioning roll
Photographs, memorabilia, keepsakes of my soul
Now manageably organized; check off one more goal,

To the basement, the attic, the closets revising
My stress levels dropping, enthusiasm rising
My life has improved in ways not surprising
Much more time, space, and energy: just from organizing!

If you have any doubts whether this can work for you
Please give me a call and I'll tell you its true
Whatever your challenge, your personal waterloo
Karen will get you going and help you carry through!

Marjorie Bertman, Burke

"I have been working for a few years now with Karen Gardiner. Actually, she's worked with every member of our family! She is talented, prompt, very knowledgeable and extremely nice to work with! I use her services both at home and work. I look forward to each and every appointment because I know how happy I will be with her work. My stress level has decreased ever since I met her! We will continue to use Karen and I am pleased to recommend her."

Liz Sinclair, Alexandria

"I'm a ceramic and tile artist - and also, as owner of Oerth Gallery in Alexandria, I have a lot of stuff which tends to get messy and out of control. I hired Karen to dig into the disorder in my pottery studio - and it was an amazing and liberating transition. Karen could see possibilities I could not, and she is insightful as well as pleasant and professional. I have spent an adult lifetime being criticized for being messy. Now, instead of feeling guilty when things get out of control, I can just call Karen Gardiner. Unlike being helped by friends or family, a professional organizer like Karen comes in and gets the job done without being judgmental. You owe it to yourself to hire Karen whether your job is big or small."

Lorraine Oerth, Alexandria


"My best friend knew that I needed serious help in organizing my condo and she located Karen Gardiner's name on the internet at the National Association of Professional Organizers. I was thrilled to have someone like Karen assist me with my overwhelming task of unpacking large cartons that had been sitting in various rooms for several years filled with "stuff" that I did not even remember I had. Karen is a perfect fit for my temperament, and we worked very well together at just the right speed. I have a handicap and Karen went out of her way to organize my closets and kitchen cabinets and purchased the materials needed to make items more accessible, yet getting them out of the way. What I never expected was that Karen also took away "junk" in her SUV, took items for donations and delivered them to the organization, arranged for organizations to come to my home and take away donated material and, finally, brought empty cartons and items to be disposed of downstairs for pickup. I have no idea what I would have done without Karen's help. She is just amazing. She kept me on track at all times and she worked very hard for me. We are not done yet, but have taken a respite over the summer at my request. We will continue in the autumn, and I want Karen to share in my happiness when the do-over is competed. Karen is both a terrific person and a terrific organizer. I recommend her to anyone who needs help with any size project."

Stephanie Irene, Alexandria